development de‧vel‧op‧ment [dɪˈveləpmənt] noun
1. [uncountable] the growth or improvement of something, so that it becomes bigger or more advanced:

• promises of economic development and thousands of new jobs

• development of the hand-held dictionary market in Japan

• She saw the qualification as a part of her professional development.

• helping staff with their career development

ˌeconomic deˈvelopment [uncountable] ECONOMICS
when a country or area increases its wealth, for example by changing from an economy based on agriculture to one based on industry, or by changing to more modern industries and services:

• Free trade can be a powerful engine for economic development, creating new jobs and opening new markets.

ˌhuman reˈsource deˌvelopment also human resources development abbreviation HRD [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
the work of improving human resources in an organization through training etc:

• Human resource development must be driven by all managers, not just the personnel director.

ˈmanagement deˌvelopment [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
activities to improve the skills of managers in a company, such as training and mentoring (= when more experienced managers give help and advice to less experienced ones) etc:

• IBM's director of education and management development

ˈweb deˌvelopment [uncountable]
COMPUTING the art and technology of making a website:

• web development tools

2. [uncountable] MARKETING the process of planning and making new products or providing new services:

• The new phone is the result of two years of development by AT&T units.

• The Japanese approach to product development is spreading around Detroit.

— see also research and development
ˈbrand deˌvelopment [uncountable] MARKETING
an attempt to make a brand more successful by changing it over time so that it remains popular and fashionable:

• We need to look at brand development and what consumers will want in the next five to ten years.

3. [uncountable] PROPERTY the process of planning and building new houses, offices etc, or improving existing ones:

• the development of office buildings, shopping centers and apartment complexes

ˈproperty deˌvelopment PROPERTY
1. [countable, uncountable] land on which houses are built or being built:

• the sale of a commercial property development in Witney, Oxfordshire

2. [countable] the process of building new houses, offices etc
4. also real-estate development , housing development [countable] PROPERTY a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of land:

• low-income families living in high-rise housing developments

5. [uncountable] the process of creating a plan, policy, or idea:

• the development of a coherent transport policy

6. [uncountable] the using of a natural substance or product in order to make a profit:

• This includes $370 million for the development of the East Brae Field in the United Kingdom North Sea.

7. [countable] a new event or piece of news that will have an effect on the present situation:

• The G-8 will discuss international financial developments, including the continued weakness of the yen.

* * *

development UK US /dɪˈveləpmənt/ noun
[U] growth or changes that make something become more advanced: »

The first year of the plan is primarily focused on organizational development.


He was recruited to oversee international business development.

[U] the process of creating something such as a new product or service: »

software development


The next stage in the development of this product line is a retail version.

[U] the process of producing a plan, idea, etc.: »

Motorola said it did not expect its policy, which has been in development since June, to affect its bottom line.

[C] a recent event which is the latest in a series of related events: »

Keeping up with new developments on the web is not easy.


These beneficial economic developments have followed trade and investment liberalization.

[U] ECONOMICS the planned increase of a country’s industry and wealth: »

The EU has exercised leadership and argued for policies that support the expansion of trade, growth, and development.


development projects

[U] HR improvement of a skill, ability, quality, etc.: »

An industry convention is a terrific venue for business skills training and professional development.


They invested resources into employee training and development.


individual/career/staff development

[C] also UK housing development, also US real estate development) PROPERTY a group of similar buildings built in an area by a particular developer: »

They recently bought a house in one of the town's new developments.

[U] PROPERTY the building of houses, stores, offices, etc. usually by a company to make a profit, usually on an area of land where there were none before: »

The land will be used for private development.


He began his career at Goldman Sachs and moved on to real-estate development in the New York City area.


commercial/industrial development

[C or U] NATURAL RESOURCES an area of land that is used for its natural resources, or the use of an area of land for its natural resources: »

Oil producers have focused their efforts on optimizing production from existing fields and investing more aggressively in new developments.

See also BRAND DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑brand development), CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑channel development), ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑economic development), HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑human resource development), MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑management development), MARKET DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑market development), NEW-PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑new-product development), PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑personal development), PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑product development), PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑property development), REDEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑redevelopment), RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑research and development), SELF-DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑self-development), WEB DEVELOPMENT(Cf. ↑web development)

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